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This study aims to determine the effect of individual factors, psychological organization structural employee performance Bengkulu Province Health Office. This study is a descriptive study design corelation. in this study the researchers took samples from the entire population of the entire staff of Bengkulu Province Health Office amounting to 213 people using the census method. Bivariate analysis was conducted to determine the significance and magnitude of independent variables influence the dependent variable using multiple linear regression analysis. Results showed that individual, organizational structural, and psychological as well as performance in good implies. Based on the results of testing the hypothesis that jointly and individually variable individually factors, organizational structural, and psychological, significantly influence employee performance Bengkulu Province Health Office. The results imply that the individual, organizational, and psychological as well as the performance is still low. Related to the above conditions should Bengkulu Province Health Office parties can improve individually factor with the increasing ability of individuals such as providing training to employees, while those for the leadership of organizations should provide incentives in accordance with their duties in every activity, so they were highly motivated employees in carrying out the work and staff care about the job, so that work can be completed on time
Keywords: individually, organizational structural, psychological, performance
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