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This study aimed to determine the level of role conflict and role ambiguity on employee of Perusahaan Umum Bulog Divisi Regional Bengkulu. This study is descriptive. The population of study was all employees of Perusahaan Umum Bulog Divisi Regional Bengkulu totaling 47 respondents were taken using the census method. Methods of data analysis using descriptive analysis. Results showed that role conflict occurs in Perusahaan Umum Bulog Divisi Regional Bengkulu with high categories which affected by the postponement of the job, the employee that holds two positions, conflicting job results between the two supervisor, conflicting commands and demands between the three bosses, employees disobey the orders from one superior caused their obeying the order from another superior. Further, role ambiguity occurs with medium category which caused by the most of employees who do not understand of their duties and functions and also caused by the lack of authority to carrying out of their jobs. For the leader of Perusahaan Umum Bulog Divisi Regional Bengkulu is expected to divide the tasks evenly to avoid the double post, fellow superiors are expected to coordinate on the results of work which performed by their subordinates and for the employees are expected to learn and understand  the duties and functions of their job and understanding their roles to carrying out their jobs.
Keywords : Role Conflict – Role Ambiguity 

*    Candidate of Magister Manajemen

**  Lecturer

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