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This study aims to describe and explain the role of the Regional Disaster Management Agency in Preparedness Natural Disaster in Seluma in developing, establishing and inform the hazard maps, prepare and establish standard operating procedures for disaster management and Preparedness Natural Disaster in Seluma in controlling the collection and the distribution of money and goods. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. Informants in employee research Regional Disaster Management Agency Seluma 1 of 4 people and community leaders. Techniques determination of informants in this study using purposive sampling method. The data analysis data reduction, data presentation, and inference (verification). The results showed that BPBD Distric Seluma already carry out its role in terms of preparing, setting and inform the hazard map in Seluma. However, in practice not equitable because not all villagers informed hazard map, BPBD DistricSeluma already have a clear procedure or already have rules in terms of disaster field are listed in the user guide in the face of disasters, and BPBD DistricSeluma in control collection and distribution of money and goods in the event of a disaster has been done and has been distributed in coordination with UPTD Seluma and setemapat society. However, in the implementation of the distribution is often found people who do not understand the role or task BPBD DistricSeluma that people often blame the officer and the officer menggangap slow and uneven in terms of aid distribution to the public in the event of a disaster.

Keywords: Role BPBDs, preparedness is, Disaster Management

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