EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION (Qualitative Descriptive Study in Enterprise Development Program and the Section on Public Broadcasting TVRI)

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The purpose of this study is to describ the job satisfaction of employees in the review of working conditions, wage systems, security, quality control, and relationships with others. The methode of this research is qualitative description. Respondent in this study were employees of LPP station TVRI Bengkulu namely 6 people using census method. Qualitative the analysis: with reduction, display, and conclusion drawing/ verification. Results of this research are that job satisfaction of working conditions have not been going well, in terms of wages has been running well, in terms of security already in a reasonably safe condition, and in terms of quality of surveillance of employees has been running well, and in terms of the relationship between employees already going well.


Keywords: working conditions, wages, safety, quality control, employee relations

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