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            This study aims to determine the Quality of work life in Balitbang Provinsi Bengkulu. This research is qualitative. The population in this study were all employees at R & D office Bengkulu Province numbered 34 people. The procedure used is purposive sampling techniques that respondents who numbered 14 people were selected based on the assessment or the views of researchers based on the object and purpose of the study.
The results imply that employment in who have not quite adequate. The results imply that employee participation is still low. The results imply that the restructuring is still not working well, this is because often there is no activity, and employees are not always involved in every job, and do not have a chance to develop, so in doing the job they did not do her best. Expected to improve the quality of work life of employees at the way facilities in the room air conditioner work, adding that lack of employee table, arranging work space, such as painting the walls that have been dull and officer in making or policy.
Keywords: Quality of Working Life and Research And Balitbang Bengkulu Province


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