LEADERSHIP ROLE IN ENHANCING THE PERFORMANCE OF EMPLOYEES (Case Study Part Human Settlements Department of Public Works Central Bengkulu Regency)

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This objective of this study is to study aims to determine the role of leadership in Increase Employee Performance views of decision making, as Trustees, as Actuating, and as a motivator.
This research is a qualitative descriptive study and sample to 32 Employees with census method. Informant interviews will be conducted the research in this study were taken with the triangulation method with interviews with, 1 Division Chief, Head of Section 1 and 6 employees with purposive sampling method. Data analysis is descriptive analysis qualitative analysis of the data reduction methods, presentation of data, and conclusions Withdrawal.
Research shows leadership role in decision making, a pretty good watchdog, as actuating been implemented and as a pretty good motivator.

Keywords: The Role of Leadership, Decision Making, Supervisory, Actuating (activator), and Motivation

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