Good Governance

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Etymologically good is good and governance is governance, so good governance means good governance. Good governance is a way or a way to regulate the economic, social resources to establish or expand community (Risman, 2003). Government or Government in English is defined as: the authoritative direction and administration of the affairs of men / women in the nation, state, sity, etc. Or in Indonesian means: briefing and administrative authority over the activities of people in a country, state, or city and so on (Sedermanyanti, 2009: 272).
While the term governance or in English. Governance is the act, fact, manner of governing, means: action, facts, patterns, and activity or government organization. Thus governance is an activity (process), as proposed by Kooiman (in Sedermanyanti, 2009) that governance is more of a series of processes of social interaction politics between administration with the community in various fields related to public interests and government intervention on these interests. “
The term governance does not only mean the government as an activity, but also implies the maintenance, management, direction, development and implementation could also mean government. It is therefore not surprising that there are terms of public governance, private governance, and others. Governance as a translation of the government, then developed and became popular as the government, while the so-called best practices of good governance (good governance) (Sedermanyanti, 2009).
According Rochman (in Widodo, 2001) concept of governance involves not just governments and the state, but also the role of various actors outside the government and the state, so that the parties involved are also very extensive. Governance is the mechanism of resource management involving the economic and social influence of the state sector and non-government sector in a collective activity.
While the Institute of Public Administration (2000) defines governance as the process of implementation of state power in implementing the provision of public goods and services. Further confirmed that when viewed in terms of functional aspects, governance can be reviewed on whether the government has to function effectively and efficiently in order to achieve the objectives that have been outlined or otherwise.
Good governance is a way or ways to organize and manage the economic, social resources to establish or develop a community that involves the influence of the state sector and non-government sector in a collective activity.

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