Background The emergence of Good Governance and Characteristics of Good Governance

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Background The emergence of Good Governance


Three things the background for the emergence of good governance, namely: (Sedarmayanti, 2009)

  1. Emerging phenomenon called Samuel P. Huntington as a wave of global democratization. This wave first appeared in South Korea and in several Latin American countries that immerses bureaucratic authoritarian politics in the decade of the 1980s and the subsequent sweep of socialism in Europe in the early decades of the 1990s.
  1. The occurrence of the systematic destruction of a variety of institutional basis for the management of the distribution of economic resources among the majority of the third world. Business and political institutions are supposed to have different management principles have been turned into allies and doubled the growth of cronyism. Transparency, public accountability and allocation of economic resources fail to thrive in the business world.
  1. The accumulation of failures initiated structural adjustment programs of the IMF and the World Bank. The program has and adheres to the basic assumption that the state is the only institution of inhibiting the process of economic globalization.


Characteristics of Good Governance

According Sedarmayanti (2009) from the aspect of government, good governance can be seen through aspects:

  1. The law / policy, aimed at the protection of freedom of social, political and economic.
  1. Competence administration and transparency. The ability to plan and implement efficiently, the ability to simplify the organization, discipline and the creation of administrative models, the disclosure of information.
  1. Decentralization. Regional decentralization and deconcentration in the department.
  1. The creation of a competitive market. Completion of the market mechanism, improving the role of small businesses and other segments of the private sector, deregulation, and the government’s ability to manage macro-economic policy.

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