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This study aimed to describe of the application of outsourcing in Bengkulu province viewed from the commitment of the parties involved, the details of the rules defined in the outsourcing contract, and update the agreement between the user and the provider of outsourced labor.  This research is a qualitative study. Informants study was taken as 8 people including 2 people outsourced workers, 2 PT outsourcing, and 2 PT Employer Outsourcing (Rafflesia Hospital and PLN (Persero) and 1 Labour and 1 Mediator Industrial Relations and Working Conditions Manpower and Transmigration Bengkulu province. technique of determining the informant using pourposive sampling. Methods Qualitative data Analysis with data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion. validity of the data source triangulation techniques and triangulation techniques. The results showed that the implementation of the outsourcing system in the province of Bengkulu views of the commitment of the parties involved have not run optimally, seen from the details of the rules defined in the outsourcing contract has not run optimally and views from the updated agreement between users and providers of outsourcing labor has not run optimally.

Journal Administration Vol 2 No 1

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