Implementation of Distribution Analysis Consumables Goods

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Reports of the rooms that were filed with the logistics are not in accordance with the submissions received , so the impact on the activities carried out are often deficient. Results of interviews with one of the officers in the disease’s Hospital said that the warehouse workers distribute items or tools are often not in accordance with the order, such as room reservations requested ATK 5 reams of paper, but only 3 given reams of paper, so that when the distribution of goods Consumables, does not comply with the required or less than it should be requested of the room. This study aimed known Consumables Goods Distribution Implementation in dr . M. Yunus Bengkulu. The type and design of this study is qualitative research. Informants in this study consists of 4 people with pourposive sampling technique. Analysis of the data in this study is qualitative data covering reduction, data display, and conclusion drawing/verification. Engineering Data Validity in this study using the Triangulation Triangulation Resources and Engineering. The results showed that the process of administrative logistics officer at the time of executing administarsinya goods demand is still lacking, the process of delivering news to the room, the expenditure of physical goods to provide information by completing administrative officer, in the transport process of doing penditribusian adjusted by the number of items distributed, the demolition process and the loading is done by the supplier and the implementation is often not according to plan. Conclusion that the implementation of Goods Distribution Consumables in dr. M. Yunus Bengkulu had been quite effective and efficient.
Keywords : Distribution , Goods Consumables

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