The Relationship between introspective attitude to the implementation patients of Hepatitis B

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Introspective attitude of nurses is a response that would only arise if the attitudes expressed in the realization. The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship instropective attitude of nurses to the implementation of the treatment of Hepatitis B patients inpatient room RSUD dr. M. Yunus Bengkulu tahun 2009. This research is a type of observations analytic research , research design used in the study is cross sectional. Used a large sample of respondents is 45 sampling technique in which the total samples taken in the data overall total, comparated with the number expected and at present, entered into in accordance with standard criteria for operational and then obtained the result that the 45 nurses on duty 38 people (84,4 %. Nurses who have unfavorable attitudes, implementation of the treatmentof hepatitis patients with the worst cateory 36 people (80%) and the implementation of poor patient care is the nurses who has the attitude of instropection that is unfavorable 35 people /(77,8%).

Keywords : The Picture Quality Of Nursing service, patient satifications
Year : 1999-2008

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