Relation Style Leadership Lead Column With Culture Work Nurse In Space ICU

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Cultural is an way of us in conducting something. Nurse in running work and duty is not quit of culture which have been created and expand at work. Activity culture represent the way of a in working pursuant to custom, existing habit and mind. To create good activity culture, very depended from role a leader. Leadership represent the way of a leader in influencing others through showed behavior pattern it. visible behavior pattern by each and everyone do not be is same precisely, hence unegual showed leadership style also. Research executed by In Space ICU RSUD   Dr. M. Yunus Bengkulu. Aim to  know leadership style relation lead column with culture work nurse In Space ICU RSUD Dr. M. Yunus Bengkulu by using descriptive research desain of corelational type, amount of sample 16 nurse people In Space ICU RSUD Dr. M. Yunus Bengkulu. Used by Analysis Data is univariate to depict independent variable and variable dependent through frequency distribution and bivariate analysis to see independent variable relation and variable dependent by using Fisher’s Exact test. Result of analysis indicate that there is 8 ( 50%) nurse tell leadership style is not applied and 8 ( 50%) other nurse tell leadership style applied and 11 ( 68,8%) nurse have less activity culture and 5 ( 31,3%) nurse have good activity culture. And there are relation which is signifikan among leadership style lead column with culture work nurse In Space. Pursuant to result of research can be concluded that culture work nurse In Space ICU RSUD Dr. M. Yunus Bengkulu majority less and leadership style less applied by column head. Is thereby expected by column head earn more is applying of its leadership style in influencing, moving and conscripting nurse to increase their activity culture.

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